GETOUTs from RLG Waves Out Of sequence:




  • Square Thru, But on The Third Hand RLG
  • Same Sexes Trade - RLG
  • Swing Thru Twice, RLG
  • Girls Trade, Boys Run, Bend The Line, Boys START a Reverse The Flutter - RLG
  • Boys Trade, Girls CrossRun, DOPASO
  • Boys Trade, Boys Run, Chain Down The line, PROMENADE
  • Boys Trade, Boys Run, Girls Trade, Wheel Around, PROMENADE
  • Swing Thru, Boys CrossRun, Extend, AL
  • Swing Thru, Boys CrossRun, Slip The Clutch(!), AL
  • Boys Run - Ferris Wheel - Centers Sweep ¼ - AL or Circle or You’re home
  • Boy Run, Ferriswheel, CNT sweep ¼, 4 Boys Star Left, Pick up partner, STAR PROM home
  • Circulate, Boy Run, Ferriswheel, CNT sweep ¼, 4 Boys Reverse flutter, keep her, PROM
  • Circulate, Boy Run, Ferriswheel, CNT sweep ¼, 4 Boys Star Left halfway, R+L Gr
  • Girls Circulate, Eight Circulate, Boys Run, Ferriswheel and Centers Sweep ¼, Sides Face, Grand Sq 8 steps, AL
  • Outfacers Trade, Pass Thru, Wheel And Deal, Zoom, Girls Sq Thru 3, Courtesy Turn and PROM



  • Boys Run, Tag The line, Girls go Left, Boys go Right, AL
  • Boy Trade, Recycle, RLG
  • Spin The Top Twice, RLG
  • Scoot Back, Fan The Top, Spin The Top, RLG
  • Tag The Line Right; Wrong Way Promenade Home



  • Explode and Slide Thru, AL
  • Explode and Reverse Slide Thru, Right + Left Grand
  • Girls Run, Crossfire, Girls Peel Off, Right + Left Grand
  • Hinge, Centers Trade, Spin The Top, Centers Run, Crossfire
  • Boys Trade, infacers Scoot Back, Others Circulate, Fan The Top, Centers Run, Crossfire, Right + Left Grand
  • infacers Run, Chase Right, Right + Left Grand
  • Circulate; Spin Chain The Gears, Stars ¼; RLG
  • Explode & Roll; Square Thru 3; AL
  • Explode & Box The Gnat & Roll; RLG
  • Explode & Load The Boat; RLG
  • Explode The Wave; Boys Run; Follow Your Neighbor; RLG
  • Girls Run; Ferris Wheel & Roll; Ferris Wheel & Roll; Prom Home
  • Swing Thru & Spread; Acey Deucey; AL



  • Boys Trade, Boys Run, Turn and Deal, R+L Grand
  • Boys Run, Wheel and Deal, Reverse Swap, AL
  • mix, extend, AL
  • Boys Run, Ferriswheel, CNT Reverse Swap, AL
  • Boys Run, Ferriswheel, Zoom, CNT Swap Around, AL
  • Scoot Back, mix, extend, AL
  • Explode Pass In, New Ends Roll; AL
  • Explode The Wave; ¼ Out; AL
  • Lockit Twice; RLG
  • Lockit; Grand Swing Thru Double; Lockit; RLG
  • Scoot & Dodge; Chase Right; RLG
  • Scoot Back; Explode The Wave; Centers Run; Step & Slide; AL
  • Heads[INF boy] Trade & Roll, [OUTF boy]Side Boy Run Right; Split Square Thru 3; AL



last Update: 10.12.1999

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