Some thoughts about Body Flow

Jens Harms, 1994


Body Flow is one aspect of smooth dancing and as important as variety. Don't use choreography which is not flowing, just for varying your calling or for gaining the dancers attention. These goals can be achieved in other ways. You should try to think not only of one dancer when considering a combination. Think of more dancers, especially the ladies.


Body Flow has at least the following four aspects:


  • The dancers should not be forced to sharply change their direction of motion.

    An obvious example:
    from Right Hand Waves:   Ends Run; Bend the Line; Reverse the Flutter

    Other examples which occur often when managing your formations or resolving the square:
    from Lines facing out:   Wheel & Deal; Zoom
    from facing Couples: Star Thru; Veer Left
    from Right Hand Box Circulate: Outfacers Run; Veer Left



  • The dancers should not be forced to use the same hand twice in a row.

    Obvious example:
    from Double Pass Thru:   Centers Square Thru 3; Touch ¼

    Other examples:
    from Static Square: Heads Square Thru 4; Star Thru
    from Standard Lines:   Star Thru; Right & Left Thru
    from Standard Lines: Star Thru; Allemande Left



  • Avoid overflow. From time to time the turning direction should be changed.

    from Static Square:   Heads Touch ¼; Head Boys Run;
    Star Thru; Slide Thru; Touch ¼;
    Boys Run; Partner Trade; Touch ¼;
    Girls Run; Star Thru; California Twirl .....

    Other examples:
    from Right Hand Waves:  Spin the Top; Fan the Top or
    Swing Thru; Fan the Top or
    Cast Off ¾; Swing Thru or
    Cast Off ¾; Centers Run



  • Some calls end a little bit offset, so that the dancers might not be in the right position for the next call.

    from Standard Lines:  Square Thru 2; Trade By
    from Standard Lines:Everybody do the girl's part of Slide Thru; Everybody Trade
    from Lines:Tag the Line, Face Left; Centers Trade

    On the other hand, the next combination is OK, because the dancers are expecting the next call and therefore adjust themselves to do it smoothly. This is another interesting aspect of Body Flow.

    from Double Pass Thru:  Centers Square Thru 3; Allemande Left



last Update: 10.12.1999

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