Sight Resolution From Ocean Waves

Gero Teufert, 08/1999


This is a method Dave Wilson introduced.


Sight Resolution to a Right and Left Grand Wave [5W1p].


Use ACEY DEUCEY (or ends circulate, centers trade) and SWING THRU only.

Basic Rules:

Use two adjacent key-couples.

Use ACEY DEUCEY when people are not in the wave, where you want them to be

Use SWING THRU when people are not in the spot in the wave you want them to be.

Starting from sex-symmetrical ocean waves  [BggB, gBBg]

(from any other wave arrangement use Hinge or Split Circulate to achieve sex-symmetry):

  1. Bring any of the key-couples in the one wave, together or once removed.
    (if they are not, use ACEY DEUCEY)
  2. Bring ANY dancer of that couple on the end of that wave, facing OUT
    (if not, use SWING THRU [maybe twice])
  3. Observe the second couple: Bring them together in one wave
    (if not, use ACEY DEUCEY)
  4. Bring them together with their partners (if one couple has their partner, everybody has)
    (if not, use SWING THRU)
  5. Done

At this spot the dancers are together with their partners. You may have a [BggB] or a [gBBg]-wave. You can use "trade" to switch from one to the other.

The next thing you have to care about is the sequence. If they are out of sequence, use "swing thru twice" and they are in or simply use a prepared get-out for Waves in or out of sequence.



last Update: 10.12.1999

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