Analyzing A Call



Name of Call:


Callerlab Definition:


Timing of the call - (How many steps to dance comfortably?) ________


From what FORMATION(S) can the call start?


And from what ARRANGEMENT(S)?


Must any dancer be facing?      No ____    Yes ____    If yes, how many? ____

Is a free hand needed?      No ____    Both ____    Right ____     Left ____


Good preceding calls considering body flow


What FORMATION(S) will exist upon completion of the call ?


And what ARRANGEMENT(S)? ______________


Will dancers be facing?      No ____     Yes ____    If yes, how many? ____

Which hand(s) will be free?      None ____    Both ____    Right ____     Left ____


What body flow will exist as call is completed? Direction? For which dancers?


Good following calls considering body flow


Teaching suggestions




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  2. Die Class
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  6. Analysing a Call



last Update: 10.12.1999

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