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16.11.2000 Ok, folks it has been a long time since I have last updated this page. Busy days for me, new job, new location and not much time to care about the caller pages. Anyway, still a constant number of visitors is registred each day. So thank you all, I hope you still find something worth to read.
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Thank you Michael Kellogg for the corrections.

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Rudi Mennes (German):

Made myself a nice tool box for graphics.

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Rudi Mennes about Singing Calls (German):

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Rudi Mennes' article about Timing, Smooth Dancing und Body Flow (German only).

German version: Die "Gefahren" von Conditional Zeros


New! Peter Höfelmeyer's great Articles about Teaching (German only).

Done! English Version of Smooth Dancing


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Minor changes at the links-page.


I changed the navigation footers for easier orientation.
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For those of you who asked for it: A page about me.

The English translation for "Other Setup Systems" is done.

So is the German Version of the Zero-Article.



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